New Video: Artists Share Admiration Toward Music Moguls Dr. Dre & Jimmy Lovine in “Deviant Ones’ tease

A new tease of the four-part documentary series, The Defiant Ones,  based off of two of music’s greatest contributors, Dr.Dre and Jimmy Lovine features artists, like rap mogul, Eminem praising the two for their innovation and levitation.

“The Defiant Ones,” focuses on the business moves and milestone accomplishments of both Dre and Lovine, which are rather unlikely but a comparable impact to pop culture.

The HBO series, directed by Allen Hughes (Menace ll Society) features other artists and big names in music interviews such as Nas, Ice Cube, Bono, Snoop Dog, Gwen Stefani and more.

“I was really determined to be a success, I was blessed to find Hip-Hop,” Dr. Dre said in a snippet from the new tease before Lovine went on to describe Dre as a “very unknowable man.”

The series is set to premiere on HBO on July 9. Check out the new trailer above!