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New Music: Quincy Remixes Al B Sure’s Classic Hit “Nite N Day”

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  1. Toni Love! says:

    It’s really great too see these two people come together and make this smash hit!

    We’ve been wanting too see this for many years and happy that it finally happened and it came out so well! It’s an extra treat with Al B.! being on the track with Q!

    The TRAP version is FIYAH too!

    The entire Album THIS IS FOR YOU by Quincy has some great songs!

    Late night Flex is so dope and shows Quincy’s range and growth over the years.

    Waterfalls…smooth as well as edgy!

    Sunshine should be the hot song for the spring!

    And Me Time is relatable and on point!

    Way to go Quincy!

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