Dermot Kennedy announces ‘Sound Waves’, a very special one-off concert which will be live-streamed via YouTube on May 20th. The show, which will be seen around the globe, will go live at 9pm BST and a charitable donation will be made to the World Health Organization Covid Response Fund.

Watch below!

“I had great plans to tour for the next 12 months, but other things have had to take priority… and we are all at home. So I set myself the task of replicating the feeling of a real live concert as best I can, with my band and other musicians, to make this show as special, considered and honest as it can be. How can a concert performed from home have the same impact, forge the same connections and most importantly, provide beautiful escapism from the somewhat stressful and difficult realities of life? How can it look different to those performances when one simply ‘goes live’? How can I ‘GO LIVE’ instead? This is how the ‘Sound Waves’ concert idea was born, and it has been weeks in the making. ‘Sound Waves’ will be a concert for a moment in time. Designed to bring those that know me, and hopefully some new people, towards a moment of relief. To feel less isolated, to sing along and to be consoled. To find new meaning in the same lyrics, much like I have when re-playing my songs under these new conditions. We have put this one-off live event together in the hopes of lifting peoples’ spirits and taking them somewhere else, if only for a while. I hope they bring you some light in this difficult time. Until we can come together in those rooms and sing for each other again, I hope you enjoy these songs and get a sense of us all being together at that moment wherever you are in the world.”

Dermot recently released the ‘Lost in the Soft Light EP’, a selection of live, re-worked versions of tracks from his debut #1 album ‘Without Fear’. The collection, complete with visual performances, includes platinum selling top 10 single ‘Outnumbered’ and live favorites ‘All My Friends’ and ‘The Corner’.